Российская академия наук

Russian Academy of Sciences


Научный совет РАН по спектроскопии атомов и молекул

Scientific Council on the spectroscopy of atoms and molecules


Институт спектроскопии РАН

Institute of Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences


Воронежский университет

Voronezh State University


General information

XX Conference on Fundamental Atomic Spectroscopy (FAS-XX) traditionally covers all branches of fundamental atomic spectroscopy. The priority subject of FAS-XX will be problems associated with the most rapidly developing areas in atomic spectroscopy:

  • energy structure of atoms and ions

  • spectroscopy of multiply charged ions

  • elementary atomic processes (recombination, ionization, charge-exchange collisions, etc.) and their probability

  • plasma diagnostics

  • kinetics of atomic states and spectra in a dense plasma in astrophysical objects

  • exotic atoms

  • the interaction of atoms and ions with electromagnetic fields

  • ultrafast processes in ultrashort laser pulses

  • spectroscopy of atomic systems with high temporal resolution

  • spectroscopy of single nano-objects and nanostructures, etc.

  • The Conference will be coupled with Scientific Seminar for young scientists.The Conference will be held at the Voronezh State University.